Edge of Extinction

Meet the Team

Dr. Amber Lytton

Age: 35

Nationality: Australian/Irish

Speciality: Behavioural ecology

Personality: Intelligent, adventurous, tenacious, extroverted-introvert, prefers spending time alone in nature, can be reckless.

Inspired by: Sarah Harding from The Lost World: Jurassic Park (Julianne Moore) with a sprinkling of my own personality.

Dr. Joel Carter

Age: 35 
Nationality: Australian
Speciality: Palaeozoology
Personality: Overconfident, cocky, charismatic but dislikes most people, pessimistic, rugged, athletic, thinks he's always right

Inspiration: Part Patrick Verona from 10 Things I Hate About You (Health Ledger, RIP), and part Jeff Winger from Community (Joel McHale).

Sgt. Diamond Black

Age: 30 
Nationality: African American    
Speciality: Sergeant, US Marines    
Personality: Respectful, dependable, highly-skilled, conscientious, optimistic, friendly but disciplined

Inspiration: Mash up of Terry Jeffords from Brooklyn 99 (Terry Crews), James Rhodes from the MCU (Don Cheadle), and Bubba from Forrest Gump

Dr. Charles Kendal

Age: 45 
Nationality: English
Speciality: Exo-geology
Personality: Pessimistic, arrogant, antagonistic, has high ambitions & a sharp tongue 

Inspiration: Mostly Scar from The Lion King (Jeremy Irons), with sprinkle of Little Finger from Game of Thrones (Aidan Gillen) 

Dr. Veronica Nizhny

Age: 27
Nationality: Russian
Speciality: Astrophysics (pilot)
Personality: Strong, confident, perceptive, caring, natural leader, very protective of her crew


Inspiration: Combination of Alice from the Resident Evil franchise (Milla Jovovich) & Ripley from the Alien franchise (Sigourney Weaver)

Dr. Mikhail Ozero

Age: 28
Nationality: Russian
Speciality: Astrochemistry (co-pilot)
Personality: Confident, brave, formidable appearance but hopeless romantic, physically strong, haunted by past trauma

Inspiration: Appearance of Drake from Blade: Trinity (Dominic Purcell) with the personality of Captain America from the MCU (Chris Evans)

Lt. Jeremy Grey

Age: 55
Nationality: American
Speciality: Lieutenant, US Marines 
Personality: Cold, indifferent, highly-skilled, experienced leader, dislikes academics & intellectuals, mentor & father-figure to Diamond

Inspiration: Mostly Colonel Miles Quaritch from Avatar (Stephen Lang), with a splash of Colonel Potter from M*A*S*H (Harry Morgan).

Sir Hugh Irwin

Age: 67 
Nationality: African American
Speciality: Philanthropist
Personality: Jovial, optimist, friendly & warm exterior, single-minded & persistent

Inspiration: John Hammond from Jurassic Park (Richard Attenborough) but with a Mufasa (James Earl Jones) feel