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Why a blog?

Updated: May 16, 2021

The day before I enrolled in my PhD I started a monthly journal. The original entry was meant to be a reminder to myself about "why a PhD" so I could look back during tough times and remember what I was trying to achieve. While the initial focus was my PhD journey, the entries soon morphed into a monthly reflection on everything - career progress, social connections, and life in general.

The day I submitted my thesis was the day I wrote my last journal entry and in the months since, I was surprised by how much I missed it. Taking time to reflect, and re-reading those reflections, helped me learn from my experiences and kept me focused on my goals.

The aim of this blog is to continue the process of reflection and learning and to share those learnings with others.

Why Writer's unBlock?

We all get writer's block. From students to experts, we all experience the inability to produce new content from time to time. While the causes of writer's block are vast and varied, it often comes down to our own anxieties and stressors: being a perfectionist, lack of confidence, fear of judgement, imposter syndrome, fear of failure, family/relationship pressures, health problems, etc. These 'blockers' not only stop us from writing, but they can hold us back in life, stopping us from reaching our full potential.

Through this blog, I want to share and reflect on my own experiences of facing these blockers and open a dialogue with others to do the same.

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