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Edge of Extinction

The year is 2086 and the planet is deteriorating fast. Extreme weather events and unseasonable climate have become the norm. Millions die of famine and drought each year and yet the population continues to grow, reaching well over 10 billion people. After millions of years of evolution, humanity faces collapse.


But all is not lost.


There is another planet, far from our solar system, which may be capable of supporting human life – Arcadia. Dr. Amber Lytton and Dr. Joel Carter, life-long friends and academic colleagues, along with a team of international scientists, are sent to determine if the planet is suitable for colonization.


But their awe and wonder at the similarities between Earth and Arcadia fade quickly as they learn they are not the only complex lifeforms to set foot on this planet. Sharing is not an option.

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Edge of Extinction print ipad and iphone

Publishers Weekly

Borg interweaves scientific exposition with electric action scenes and satisfying plot twists as the team explores the planet and discovers what happened to the first team of scientists sent to Arcadia. Hair-raising encounters with dinosaurlike alien life forms and news from Earth that there’s a spy on the crew will have readers on tenterhooks. Borg crafts convincing characters and social conflict and offers a thoughtful examination of the mental frameworks by which humans shape assumptions when the team is confronted by evidence that they are not the only intelligent life on Arcadia. Exciting action, lively pacing, and a razor-sharp look at human fallibility make for a winning adventure. 

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'Edge of Extinction'

now available

The wait is finally over. You can now get your very own digital (ebook) or physical (paperback) copy of 'Edge of Extinction'.


Follow the adventures of Dr Amber Lytton, Dr Joel Carter, and a team of international scientists as they explore Arcadia - a potential refuge for humanity.

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Not to be outdone by his little brother,
Edge of Extinction cover design

'Edge of Extinction' has an official cover design

After a few rounds of back and forth 'Edge of Extinction' finally has a front cover design.

It has most of the same basic ingredients of 16-year-old-Kim's original design (space, planet, title) but this version is much more aesthetically pleasing - and has a distinct lack of cartoon eyes (check out The Author to see what I mean...). 


There's also been a slight change to the original title. While I still love 'Extinction' for its mystery and simplicity, turns out it's not a particularly unique book title. So, we went with something that still captures the mystery but is a little more distinctive too.

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