The Academic

By day I've built a career as a social and behavioural researcher. My main area of expertise is methodological, as I have extensive experience designing and undertaking large-scale social surveys.

I've worked across a range of social and behavioural areas including road safety, health, and digital inclusion. But my passion is environmental behaviour change. Some of my recent projects include evaluating a mass media campaign designed to discourage inappropriate emergency ambulance calls and understanding how Victorians value, connect to, and protect nature. 

In 2018 I took the plunge and enrolled in a PhD exploring the role of media and social norms in encouraging avoidance of single-use plastics. The project was heavily influenced by nerd side, i.e. my love of nature documentaries and my general confusion regarding what's "normal". Check out The Nerd page to see what I mean...


Research Profile

I completed my BA (Hons.) at Monash University specialising in Behavioural Studies and Anthropology. 

My research experience lies in the area of social and government research where I've worked with a number of large organisations and departments such as Australia Post, DHHS, WorkSafe Victoria, and TAC.

Prior to joining BehaviourWorks I worked across many different topic areas including road safety, mental health, vocational health and safety, patient satisfaction and the environment.

I've also played an active role in designing and testing best practice methods for survey data collection. During my time at The Social Research Centre, I was involved in several studies to improve the response rate and quality of survey data.

Since joining BWA, I've worked on projects relating to understanding digital inclusion, employing a Pay What You Want pricing mechanism for an up-close animal encounter, the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of government-sponsored behaviour change campaigns, and increasing influenza immunisations using written communications.