The Nerd

Weird & Wonderful

My whole life I've been a bit of a weirdo. I didn't like playing with other kids because I was busy building my own worlds with my figurines. As a teen, I hated shopping and reading girly magazines. As an adult, I not only decided to undertake a PhD, but I think research, data, and writing papers is fun. 

I've had a TV in my bedroom since I was 8 and constantly re-watch my favourite series & films. I'm a sucker for witty comedy, clever science-fiction, fast paced adventures, or anything with a sustainability message.

My favourite film (and book) is Jurassic Park, which spurred my unyielding love of dinosaurs. I'm also a big fan of the MCU and Star Wars franchises. Some of my favourite TV series include Rick and Morty, Game of Thrones, and anything with David Attenborough. My favourite author is Matthew Reilly (I highly recommend the Jack West series), who was also a source of inspiration for my writing style and for never giving up on my publishing dreams.

Mrs Nerd

In 2014 I was lucky enough to meet a man who's "weirdness matched my own" (in my dad's words). He was equally obsessed with TV/movies, loved dogs, had a thirst for knowledge, and questioned most social norms. 

Our ​mutual love of movies even led to one of the most unique weddings of all time.

Instead of flowers, a white dress, and a big guest list, we opted for a small cast, a film crew, and a script. We were married in secret, carefully crafting a 20-minute "Wedding Movie" that paid tribute to our favourite films through reenactments, songs, and borrowed quotes. Then, three months later, we screened our "Wedding Movie" to an unsuspecting audience of our friends and family at a beautiful art deco cinema - followed by more movie themed shenanigans. 

If you want to see our "wedding photos", or if you like pop culture (and dogs) follow me on Instagram.