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Ice Hell

'Ice Hell' was originally written when I was 14 years old for a school project. It was the first novella length narrative I ever wrote (~55,000 words). 

Set in Antarctica, the original adventure followed a group of scientists who were forced to survive the brutal Antarctic wilderness. It was written from the first person perspective of each of the eight main characters, which seemed like a great idea at the time. Given my love of nature and animals there were also several non-human characters who worked their way into the story, either helping or endangering the group. As it was written by a teenager, there were also romance subplots, long lost twins, and petty in-group fighting.

While I still love the idea of writing an epic adventure set in Antarctica, full of natural wonders and interesting characters, I also saw a lot of room for improvement.

'Ice Hell' 2.0 is still set in Antarctica and still follows a group of STEMM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine) experts as they are forced to trek across the Antarctic wilderness. But this time the characters are more well-rounded, the events are more action-packed, and the manuscript won't be written by a teenager.

-My dad reviewing Ice Hell in 2001-

"'Ice Hell' by Kim Borg is such an enthralling adventure story you just can't put down.

It is an action packed, romance filled, mysterious, adventurous, tale with interesting characters and heartbreaking tragedies, set in the rugged Antarctic wilderness.

You're constantly wondering what will happen next in the plot. No sooner do you find out the answer to one question then another mystery rears its head, creating too much tension and excitement to allow you to stop reading."

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