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Research Outputs

Published Journal Articles

  1. Borg, K., Lennox, A., Kaufman, S., Tull, F., Prime, R., Rogers, L., & Dunstan, E. (2022). "Curbing plastic consumption: A review of single-use plastic behaviour change interventions". Journal of Cleaner Production.

  2. Bragge, P., Horvat, L., Mckinlay, L., Borg, K., Macleod-Smith, B., & Wright, B. (2021). "From policy to practice: prioritizing person-centred healthcare actions in the state of Victoria"Health Research Policy and Systems.

  3. Ghafoori, E., Mata, F., Borg, K., Smith, L., & Ralston, D. (2021). "Retirement Confidence: Development of an Index". INQUIRY.

  4. Meis-Harris, J., Klemm, C., Kaufman, S., Curtis, J., Borg, K., & Bragge, P. (2021). "What is the role of eco-labels for a circular economy? A rapid review of the literature". Journal of Cleaner Production.

  5. Boulet, M., Borg, K., Faulkner, N., & Smith, L. (2021). "Evenly split: Exploring the highly polarized public response to the use of lethal methods to manage overabundant native wildlife in Australia". Journal for Nature Conservation,

  6. Meis-Harris, J., Borg, K., Jorgensen, B. S. (2020). "The construct validity of the multidimensional AIMES connection to nature scale: Measuring human relationships with nature". Journal of Environmental Management.

  7. Borg, K., Dumas, D., Andrew, E., Smith, K., Walker, T., Haworth, M., & Bragge, P. (2020). "Ambulances are for emergencies: shifting behaviour through a research-informed behaviour change campaign"Health Research Policy & Systems.

  8. Borg, K., Jungbluth, L., & Smith, L. (2020) "Pat, Play, and Pay: Trialing a Pay-What-You-Want Model for an Up-Close Animal Encounter". Journal of Applied Social Science.

  9. Borg, K., Wright, B. Sannen, L., Dumas, D., Walker, T., & Bragge, P. (2019). "Ambulances are for emergencies: shifting attitudes through a research-informed behaviour change campaign"Health Research Policy & Systems

  10. Borg, K., Boulet, M., Smith, L., & Bragge, P. (2019) "Digital inclusion & health communication: A rapid review of literature"Health communication.

  11. Tull, F., Borg, K., Knott, C., Beasley, M., Halliday, J., Faulkner, N., Sutton, K., & Bragge, P. (2019) "Short message service reminders to parents for increasing adolescent human papillomavirus vaccination rates in a secondary school vaccine program: a randomized control trial" Journal of Adolescent Health.

  12. Faulkner, N., Borg, K., Bragge, P., Curtis, J., Ghafoori, E., Goodwin, D., Jorgensen, B. S., Jungbluth, L., Kneebone, S., Smith, L., Wright, B., & Wright, P. (2019) "The INSPIRE framework: How public administrators can increase compliance with written requests using behavioral techniques" Public Administration Review.

  13. Borg, K., Sutton, K., Beasley, M., Tull, F., Faulkner, N., Halliday, J., Knott, C., & Bragge, P. (2019). "Communication-based interventions for increasing influenza vaccination rates among Aboriginal children: a randomised controlled trial". Vaccine.

  14. Borg, K. & Smith, L. "Digital inclusion and online behaviour: five typologies of Australian internet users"Behaviour & Information Technology.

  15. Pennay, D.W., Neiger, D., Lavrakas, P.J., & Borg, K. (2019) "The Online Panels Benchmarking Study: A Total Survey Error comparison of findings from Probability-based surveys and Non-probability online panel surveys in Australia"CSRM Methods Series.

PhD Journal Articles

  1. Borg, K., Lindsay, J., & Curtis, J. (2020). "When news media and social media meet: How Facebook users reacted to news stories about a supermarket plastic bag ban". New Media & Society.

  2. Borg, K., Curtis, J., & Lindsay, J. (2020) "Social norms and plastic avoidance: Testing the theory of normative social behaviour on an environmental behaviour". Journal of Consumer Behaviour.

  3. Borg, K. (2021). "Media and social norms: Exploring the relationship between media and plastic avoidance social norms". Environmental Communication.

  4. Borg, K., Curtis, J., & Lindsay, J. (under peer review) "Communicating normal: A randomised controlled trial experimenting with plastic avoidance media messages".

  5. Borg, K., Lindsay, J., & Curtis, J. (2021). "Targeted change: Using behavioural segmentation to identify and understand plastic consumers and how they respond to media communications". Environmental Communication.


Chapters & Reports

  1. Goodwin, D., Borg, K., Mata, F., Boulet, M., & Kneebone, S. (2021). "Chapter 7 - Researching your target audience: Why do people do what they do?" In The Method, BehaviourWorks Australia, Monash University. 

  2. Borg, K., Zhao, K., & Tull, F. "Chapter 3: Exploring the problem with data". (2021). In The Method. BehaviourWorks Australia, Monash University.

  3. Kaufman, S, Curtis, J, Borg, K, Meis-Harris, J, Bragge, P, & Downes, J. (2020) "Effectiveness of product labelling schemes for the circular economy: A rapid evidence review for behavioural public policy". BehaviourWorks Australia, Monash University.

  4. Borg, K. & Bragge, P. (2020). "A survey of workforce skills and capacity in the medical technology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and digital health (MTP) sector". MTPConnect.

  5. Faulkner, N., Borg, K., Zhao, K., & Smith, L. (2020). "Measuring Social Inclusion: The Inclusive Australia Social Inclusion Index." Inclusive Australia.

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  7. Meis-Harris, J., Saeri, A., Boulet, M., Borg, K., Faulkner, N., & Jorgensen, B. (2019). "Victorians Value Nature: Survey Results." BehaviourWorks Australia, Monash University, Prepared for the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

  8. Borg, K. (2019, 2018, 2017). "Ambulances are for Emergencies: Monitoring & Evaluation Report" [Waves 1 ,2, 3 & 4]. BehaviourWorks Australia, Monash Univeristy, Prepared for the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services.

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  10. Curtis, J., Jungbluth, L., Connor, J., & Borg, K. (2017). "A Review of Industry Publications to Support the Introduction of A General Duty to The Victorian Environmental Protection Act." BehaviourWorks Australia, Monash University.

  11. Borg, K. (2013, 2014, 2015). "Road Safety Monitor Annual Report". The Social Research Centre, Prepared for the TAC, Victoria.

  12. Borg, K. (2011, 2012). "Victorian Patient Satisfaction Monitor Annual Report". UltraFeedback, Prepared for the Victorian Department of Health.

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