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The Author

I've been creating stories for as long as I can remember. Before I learned to write, I created elaborate worlds and adventures for my toys (or any object that I turned into a toy). I wrote my first short story at 10, my first novella at 14, and my first novel at 16 (both of which I tried to publish). During my late teens and early 20s I turned to film-making, including a documentary about tigers facing extinction and a series of mockumentaries for my friends' 21st birthdays.

In my late 20s, I rediscovered some of the manuscripts I had written in my teens and I realised three things:

  1. The reason they were not published was because they was clearly written by a teenager; 

  2. I still loved the narratives and the underlying environmental themes; and

  3. I missed having a creative outlet in my life.

Since then I started writing regularly again. First I updated the novel which was finally published in April 2020. Next, I started updating the novella with the aim of turning it into a proper novel. I also started a new manuscript loosely based on my life, if I lived in a fantasy realm.

In general, my stories always have two things in common: adventure and nature. Whether it's travelling to a distant planet to explore an alien environment, being stranded in Antarctica and fighting against the elements, or meeting mythical figures across exotic lands. 

My love of storytelling has even made it's way into my day-job as a behavioural researcher. Head over to "The Academic" page to find out more

Never give up...

'Edge of Extinction' (formerly 'Extinction')

'Extinction' was initially written when I was 16 years old over a single summer. After 10 years of sitting in a virtual draw, I rediscovered the manuscript in my late-20s and spent the next 5 years extensively redrafting it. 

In 2019 'Extinction' found a publisher home with Wido Publishing's imprint, E.L. Marker. According to Wido's Managing Editor, 'Extinction' is "relatable to current audiences, even those who aren't necessarily big sci-fi readers" with "complexity to the plot and plenty of action".


It was eventually retitled to 'Edge of Extinction' and published in April 2020.

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Ice Hell 2001.jpg

Can lightning strike twice?

'Ice Hell'

'Ice Hell' was initially written when I was in high school. The original story was created for a Year 9 subject called 'Excel' (nothing to do with Microsoft). Everyone in the class was allowed to choose and design their own project and then complete it over the six month period. 


I chose to write a novel. 

After successfully rewriting and publishing 'Extinction' I decided 'Ice Hell' deserved the same attention. So I'm currently in the process of reinventing 14 year old Kim's epic Antarctic adventure. 

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